CHG-MERIDIAN Skien AS General Packing Instructions

1   Purpose
This document provides a simple guidance for packing used electronic equipment for transportation. To preserve the equipment for reuse it is important to pack used IT-equipment properly prior to transportation. Proper packing is more environmental friendly and can reduce the cost of transportation.

2   Before returning the equipment
Important information to keep in mind before returning used IT-equipment:

  • Remember to include all the parts and related accessories of the product, such as power supply, rails for rack servers, cables etc. If the products gets
    returned uncomplete the remarketing value will be reduced.
  • If the devices are locked with bios password, bit locker, cloud lock, or any other form of password protection, please remove these before you return
    the products. You can also provide us with the password and we will unlock the equipment in our Technology and Service center. If the devices are
    locked, it is not possible to reuse the devices.
  • Please send us specified list containing manufacture and model (also processor and serial number if available) of the equipment for custom
  • If your company have an asset tag system we can on request register this in the final report for each asset.


3   Packing methods and solutions
The best solution for packing depends on the type and quantity of equipment to be returned. From our Technology and Service center in Skien, CHG-MERIDIAN can provide the customer with all the necessary packaging equipment, such as pallets,
cabinets, cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping etc. On request CHG-MERIDIAN can also arrange packing on behalf of the customer at their premises.

The best method for transporting smaller items is to use cardboard boxes or our hard-shell boxes with security lock.

The best method for transporting multiple pieces of IT-equipment is to stack them into our cabinets or place them on pallets (see. 3.1 and 3.2).

In all packing solution the following must be noted:

  • During transport, voids in the packaging must be filled to prevent items from moving. Stuffing paper, air cushions, packaging foam or loose fill can be
  • In order to streamline the handling process of the equipment at delivery, please place all external peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables etc.) separately in cardboard boxes.


Packing in cabinets
The use of our metal cabinets on wheels makes the process simple, smooth and secure. The cabinets are equipped with a security coded lock and can pass through most doors and into elevators (size: 120x70x197 cm). The cabinets have three shelves, including the bottom of the cabinets, that makes it easy to stack the gear so most space is used. This method secures your products during the transport.

Most suitable for equipment with sensitive data, like computers, phones and servers.

Packing on pallets
If packing on pallets are preferred, customer should have access to a pallet jack, in order to move pallet to designated pick up location. When packing on pallets, make sure items are seated securely on the pallet and shrink-wrapped tightly from bottom and up. The equipment must not exceed the size of the pallet. If so, the equipment can be damaged during the transportation. It can also increase the freight price since it will use more space than it should.

Most suitable for equipment with no sensitive data, like monitors, printers, accessories and larger equipment.

4   Labeling
Once the goods is secured, label it with the following information:

  • Sender: Company name
  • EOL number(only EOL cases).
  • Recipient: CHG-MERIDIAN Skien AS, Rødmyrlia 20, 3735 Skien, Norway


5   Transportation
When the equipment is ready:
1. Customer can arrange transportation.
2. CHG-MERIDIAN Skien can arrange transportation. Just contact us by mail sales.skien@chg-meridian.com or call +47 959 29 110.

Please place the goods in a way that it is easy for the transportation company to load the cargo.

Transportation companies will deny a pickup if the goods are not easily accessible or sufficiently secured.

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